An AT&Thee Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just over a week away from us, and that means flowers; however, it gets more specific than that. It means running to the nearest Hyvee or floral shop a day or two before Mother's Day with the sole purpose of making Mom aware of how much you appreciate her. 

Mom loves the flowers you got her, of course. But, let's be real, wouldn't she love it more if it was something that she was able to keep around for the rest of her life? I mean, wouldn't you rather have something for the rest of your life rather than a few measly days?

You need a unique Mother's Day gift. You need something that will show Mom how much you truly appreciate her.

Enter AT&Thee's levitating planters. You're able to keep up with the tradition of getting Mom the flowers she loves, but now those flowers are able to convey your appreciation to its fullest extent. 

I get it, I said Mom deserves something that will last the rest of her life, and some levitating flowers sure won't last longer than non-levitating flowers! Don't worry, we have a fix for that part too! Grab Mom a succulent, a levitating planter and put the two together and watch Mom's heart melt when she sees it! 

If you think your Mom isn't up to the challenge of keeping a succulent alive, don't worry. Once you put the succulent in the levitating planter things only get easier. The 360* rotation that our levitating planters are capable of makes it so that your little succulent friends are able to get even sunlight, all the way around and encourage healthy growth!

Check out or levitating planters collection, and use code mom15 for 15% off your order!  

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