Levitating Decor: How it works

Technology is fascinating, especially technology that suspends objects in mid air! It may seem like magic, but I can assure you that it's not. 

The way our modules work is pretty simple, really. There are two parts that come together to bring the desired effect of levitation to fruition. 

1. The base 

The base is the heart and soul of the levitation operation. It consists of four copper wrapped silver cores, a large circle shaped magnet, and some electronic components. 

Once the base is plugged in to an outlet, we are functional. A current is ran through the copper wrapped silver cores. This current is responsible for creating the magnetic field that our floater will sit on. 

2. The magnet

The magnet is the cherry on top. Have you ever tried to put magnets of the same polarization together? It doesn't work, they repel each other! The same situation is at play here with our levitating decor. The magnet is repelled by the magnetic field that the base creates, but it's only repelled a certain distance due to the parameters of the base. This allows us to find a balance point above the base for our magnet to 'sit' in, giving us that levitation we want so badly.

I hope this post was informational and helped you learn a little bit about how our product works. Be sure to check out our levitating collections and find something you'd like to see levitating in your room, on your desk, or anywhere else!


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Linn Griffith

How much weight can the platform hold?

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