A little more about us


We all grew up with big dreams we wanted to fulfill as children, far-fetched or not, we had them.

AT&Thee LLC was and is our childhood dream. We are two best friends (Austin and Tucker) that grew up in small town Iowa, with a dream to forever work alongside each other and figure out ways we can positively impact the world on whatever scale possible (although, bigger is better!).

What you have seen on our website is only the beginning of our God given mission. We both know that God has placed us where we are to serve a purpose; to spread his love to whoever wishes to receive it.

The long term goal of AT&Thee LLC is to encourage sustainability through 3D printing and recycling. We are determined to rid Haiti and the ocean of its excess of plastic waste through methods we are constantly developing. Through the collection of waste plastics and methodical 'treatment', we will be able to recycle waste plastic into filament that is used for 3D printing. We also are looking forward to one day being able to purchase an industrial sized concrete 3D printer which we will utilize to print houses and churches in Haiti and other developing countries.

If you have questions about our mission, don’t hesitate to reach out at ‘atandthee@gmail.com’. We would love to hear from you whether it is words of encouragement or an idea to implement.