Levitating Platform display

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**Please note that this product is only the floater and does not come with the module that makes levitation possible. This product is in place if you'd like to add to your collection of floaters for when you feel it's time to switch things up. **

It’s no secret, our decor will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. The gravity defying factor paired with its ability to simply levitate in place or rotate 360* at a speed of your liking makes it a novelty like no other.

As a part of AT&Thee’s display line the Platform Display is perfect for showcasing whatever it may be that you are most proud of from collectibles to pictures. 

SPECIFICATIONS OF Platform Display: (allow an error of +/- .16 in. or 4 mm)

Material: PLA filament

Height: .59 in. or  15 mm

Length: 3.94 in or 100

Width: 4.72 in. or 120 mm 

Weight: 42.4 g

Levitation Height: .83 in or 21.08 mm

When selecting an item to display, be sure it does not exceed the allowed Platform Display’s weight limit of: 448.7 g

 AT&Thee's cap mechanism is designed to be functional even if it breaks. If your cap loses a few teeth, don't fret! It is still fully functional and will serve it's purpose with no set backs.

Includes: Platform display floater, 2 caps