Levitating Original Pot

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It’s no secret, our decor will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. The gravity defying factor paired with its ability to simply levitate in place or rotate 360* at a speed of your liking makes it a novelty like no other. 

Elevate your plants to a whole new level with our levitating planters. As a part of AT&Thee’s planter line, the Original Pot makes a perfect home for your succulents, air plants, or small plants. Pick a plant, pot it, and it’s ready to float and be enjoyed like never before. 

SPECIFICATIONS OF ORIGINAL POT: (allow an error of +/- .16 in. or 4 mm)

Material: PLA filament

Height: 3.35 in. or  85 mm

Width: 3.75 in. or 95 mm 

Weight: 55.9 g

Levitation Height: .88 in or 22.25 mm

When selecting a plant, be sure it and the soil (if necessary) does not exceed the allowed Original Pot’s weight limit of: 444.1 g

Our tips for proper use with planters:

  • Be sure that what you’re levitating is evenly distributed throughout your planter.
  • The lighter the load, the higher it will levitate over the base.
  • If your plant requires water, water it somewhere other than over the base and be sure none will drip over the base into the levitation module. Each floater is prepared with a sealant but we recommend erring on the safe side. 
  • When handling planters be sure to place hands on the underside of your floater to best prevent soil spillage. 

AT&Thee's cap mechanism is designed to be functional even if it breaks. If your cap loses a few teeth, don't fret! It is still fully functional and will serve it's purpose with no set backs. 

Includes: Levitation Module, Power Cord, Base, Cord plug, Original Pot floater, 2 Caps, Directions